All Shops is a platform where all the different kinds of shops like Grocery Shops, Stationery Shops, Meat Shops, Puja Shops etc which are near by your dwelling place are included.

Yes, you can. You just have to register your shop at first online by your yourself or you can contact us and we will provide username and password. And you can join your shop online and do business.

Now there is only 1% for all different shoos except Restaurant Shops (3%) and Medical Shops(3%)

Now, there is COD and Esewa and soon we are integrating FonePay.

We have built a system which shows transparently all the entries done by the admin and customer on the dashboard and there will be batch settlement every evening for all the shops. The sellers can see all the transactions from there dashboard, too.

No, you don't. There will be delivery guys Myshoppers who will carry the items to the customers'door. There will be delivery charge for Myshoppers. You also can do if you want.

Myshoppers are the delivery guys who will carry items to the customers'door.

Yes you can. You just have to click on the Myshopper tab and register. You get the username and password. You have to load 100 rupees in your wallet to start which will be deducted in every transaction that you complete.

Myshopper job can be done Full Time or Part Time on your own hours as your wish. 

Simply you can open or close your shop on your hours. Your shop will disappear from the platform when you make inactive and comes back when you make active.

Big Shops are those shops which have their own delivery system like van or scooter. The seller should be able to deliver the items by themselves. There will bo no Myshoppers' assistance.

Yes you can. You can click the seller tab and register as Big Shop. Make sure you have the delivery system like van or scooter before joining as a Big Shop. There will be no Myshoppers' assistance.

Your Price Hotel is a hotel room booking system where a customer can offer their own price for the room and the hotel manager accepts it.